Chris Vargas Pérez

Baby Chris

Where it all Began

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic , a developing country in the middle of the Caribbean. Because of this we developed a mastery in problem-solving, having to come up with unique ways to solve the most basic tasks at hand. Research, Design, Prototype, and testing play a fundamental part of our culture.

When I was eight, I used to play with legos all day. I was terrific; I used to build big towers, bridges, and cars. My mother got divorced, and we began living with her best friend and her two children, one of them had a disability and needed a wheelchair.

One evening we were playing, we pretended the wheelchair was a sports car, which resulted in us breaking a wheel.The wheelchair wouldn't even budge. To avoid getting us in trouble, and to help the kid be able to move around in his wheelchair again, I fastly studied the broken piece, grabbed some legos and tape, and made a quick fix. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but I kept changing it until it worked again.

After that day, I started to develop the discipline of prototyping and experimentation with the end goal of helping people.

Today, I help people through user experience design, but tomorrow, it could be anything similar or maybe totally different.

What I love to do

I love gathering people from different backgrounds and make them work together and create things; I participated and facilitated numerous online and remote design sprint workshops and got certified in Agile SaFe, acquiring a deep understanding of the Agile methodology.

The most powerful skill I have is the ability to learn new things quickly and teach others. I love to share and get knowledge through Sharing Sessions, Workshops, Keynotes or just having meaningful conversations.

Chris and his Guitar

Education and Work

I earned a Bachelor of Design in 2018, in which I have developed an enormous interest in Human Psychology and Technology. That same year I went to New York to take RG/A's Product and Service design Bootcamp, where I started my journey as a UX Designer. In Jan 2019, I started a one-year specialization in Interaction Design at the University of California, San Diego.

I have worked as a UX and Product Designer for several years, working along with global companies such a Y&R and Publicis Group.

To the mentors and friends

Mark Manalaysay (Lead Interaction Designer @ Apple)
Feridoon Malekzadeh (UX Design Manager @ AT&T )
Camilo Sánchez ( Sr. Product Designer @ Hackerone)
Iván Alburquerque (Full Stack Developer @ Peña Defilló)
Manuel Güílamo (Full Stack Developer @ Peña Defilló)
Luz Hernández (UX Designer)

Chris and a Group of Friends Chris and a Group of Friends part 2
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