Chris Vargas Pérez

Baby Chris

Where it all Began

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic , a developing country in the middle of the Caribbean. Because of this we developed a mastery in problem-solving, having to come up with unique ways to solve the most basic tasks at hand. Research, Design, Prototype, and testing play a fundamental part of our culture.

When I was eight, I used to play with legos all day. I was terrific; I used to build big towers, bridges, and cars. My mother got divorced, and we began living with her best friend and her two children, one of them had a disability and needed a wheelchair.

One evening we were playing, we pretended the wheelchair was a sports car, which resulted in us breaking a wheel.The wheelchair wouldn't even budge. To avoid getting us in trouble, and to help the kid be able to move around in his wheelchair again, I fastly studied the broken piece, grabbed some legos and tape, and made a quick fix. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but I kept changing it until it worked again.

After that day, I started to develop the discipline of prototyping and experimentation with the end goal of helping people.

Today, I help people through user experience design, but tomorrow, it could be anything similar or maybe totally different.

What I love to do

I love gathering people from different backgrounds and make them work together and create things; I participated and facilitated numerous online and remote design sprint workshops and got certified in Agile SaFe, acquiring a deep understanding of the Agile methodology.

When I'm not saving the world, I like to play board games and video games with my friends, practice yoga, and ride my bike. I also love playing string instruments.

Chris and his Guitar

Education and Work

I earned a Bachelor of Design in 2017, in which I have developed an enormous interest in Human Psychology and Technology. That same year I went to New York to take RG/A's Product and Service design Bootcamp, where I started my journey as a UX Designer. In Jan 2019, I started a one-year specialization in Interaction Design at the University of California, San Diego.

I have worked as a UX and Product Designer for several years, working along with global companies such a Y&R and Publicis Group.


“He is all about improving the process, constantly!, and that his humility far exceeds his ability to recognize his (many) talent(s). It is not very common to meet a team leader, within a corporate environment, where he has to be business oriented, achieve KPIs and so on, but at the same time contributes highly to improve the human factor of his team and those who surround him, and be equally effective on both sides” - Sergio Alou
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“If You need a superb UI Designer with keen eyes for details ? Thats Chris. You need a passionate UX Designer who cares deeply, not only about the product, but your users and business goals?. Yup, definitely Chris.” - Iván Albuquerque
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“Chris has one special superpower: he’s a learning machine. He always has this good predisposition to try new things with a fresh mind, eager to learn new lessons from every experience.” - Camilo Sánchez
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Chris and a Group of Friends part 2 Chris and a Group of Friends
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